Library linking squence

kunal chavan
Sun Sep 21 19:32:00 GMT 2003

Hello list

I  have been using gcc for many days, i have created my own C API 
libraries for parsing confugration files like squidGuard.conf and
fetchmailrc (using flex and bison) etc. All these work fine when linked 
with single executable.

Now when i link these libraries to my Kylix C++ application (Kylix is an 
IDE for developing GUI which users all these API's) what happens is the 
function parse_squidguardconf in library which is linked first works 
fine but another function parse_fetchmailconf which is in library linked 
after the first library gives me parse error and when i change the 
linking sequence same thing happens vise-versa (i.e parse_fetchmailconf 
works fine but parse_squidguardconf gives parse error).

Thanks in advance for any help suggestion.


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