Can't compile gcc-3.3.1

Christian H. Kuhn
Sun Sep 21 09:30:00 GMT 2003


Some days ago, i asked the question below. I got no answer and no
flame so i do not know if the mail reached the list. Could anyone send
a private answer (NOT to the list) even if he/she knows no help for
the prob?

& Christian H. Kuhn <> [2003-09-14 11:54]:
> Hi,
> I'm using Linux for years but now i want to know the details. So i
> tried to compile it myself following the instructions on
> in the cvs version.
> When compiling gcc-3.3.1, i encountered the first problem. I extracted
> the complete tarball and made an extra directory for building gcc
> (from gcc-directory: ../gcc-build). Following lfs instructions, i
> prepared for compilation with
> ./gcc-3.3.1/configure --prefix=/tools \
>     --with-local-prefix=/tools \
>     --disable-nls --enable-shared \
>     --enable-languages=c
> I could not see any errors, but there are a lot of config.log files,
> and perhaps i did not see through the one i need.
> Then i compiled with
>  make BOOT_LDFLAGS="-static" bootstrap
> and got
> [...]
> Cleaning up unneeded directories:
> fixincludes is done
> cp: cannot crate regular file `include/syslimits.h': No such file or
> directory
> chmod failed to get attributes of `include/syslimits.h': No such file
> or directory
> make[2]: *** [stmp-fixinc] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/usr/src/gcc-build/gcc'
> make[1]: *** [stage1_build] Error 2
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/usr/src/gcc-build/gcc'
> make: *** [bootstrap] Error 2
> There is no file syslimits.h neither in gcc-3.3.1 nor in
> gcc-build. But anywhere i found a gsyslimits.h, and i think i remeber
> that i have read in a posting anywhere else that that file is
> copied. But it seems it doesn't work. What am i doing wrong?
> The host system is a debian testing. gcc-3.2.3 is used for
> compiling. A problem might be the necessarity of autoconf-2.13. Debian
> has a version number of 2.54 and a additional package autoconf2.13
> which should provide the necessary compatibility, but i'm not sure now
> that it can ...
> Chris
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