exceptions in C++

Matthias Oltmanns Mathias.Oltmanns.Oltmanns@sysde.eads.net
Wed Mar 26 14:59:00 GMT 2003

Am Mit, 2003-03-26 um 11.20 schrieb Nathan Sidwell:
> Matthias Oltmanns wrote:
> > Hi John,
> > 
> > many good ideas but i'm dreaming of a more general solution. The divide
> > by zero was an example for situations, where the runtime-environment
> > signals errors by "signals" instead by exceptions. I would like to see 
> > a general solution, where i'm able to deal only with exceptions. Other
> > situations are segmentation faults, bus erros etc.
> > Is it possible to catch these errors and to continue in the program flow
> > without the need of termination?
> I believe -fnon-call-exceptions might be the closest to what you're looking
> for.

Hey ... great hint. This works exactly as i have dreamed for.
Many thanks


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