Help Needed

Karthik Narayanan
Tue Mar 18 00:25:00 GMT 2003

Hi guys,
         Thanks for helping in my problem. i was pleased with the quick
response i got. I hope i could be of help to you guys sometime, I did
the changes like you guys had told me( esp:- Llewellyn Reese ). See i
made te changes like you told me , but i could not still get any output
from my program. The program compiled without any error, but i simply
couldn't see any out put for it. I am attaching the source of the simple
program , hope u can help me out in figuring out whats wrong.

Thanking you,
R.Karthik Narayanan

On Sun, 2003-03-16 at 16:29, LLeweLLyn Reese wrote:
> "R.Karthik Narayanan" <> writes:
> > Hi,
> >    I am R.Karthik Narayanan, I am student at UCF. I have been trying to do
> > programming in lunix using GCC. I find that my C programs work without any
> > errors. But the problems seems to happend when i do GCC for C++ programs. It
> > fails to find the file iostream.h.
> iostream.h is not part of ISO C++. The name was changed to <iostream>
>     (no suffix) during the standarization process which was completed
>     in 1998. (Although the iostream.h => iostream change was final
>     long before most of the other changes.)
> Since you don't know about <iostream>, I'm going to assume you don't
>     know about the std namespace. During the standarization process,
>     all standard C++ library names, including cout, endl, string, etc,
>     were moved into the std namespace. Here is an example:
> #include<iostream>
> #include<ostream>
> using std::cout;
> using std::endl;
> int main()
> {
>     cout << "Hello world" << endl;
> }
> > But, there is no error nad the program
> > compiles.
> I think there is some confusion. If iostream is required, but not
>     found, the program will not compile. You must copy and paste the
>     exact error messages you get, and the code that reproduces them
>     (or a simplified version thereof). If you don't do that, people
>     can only guess at your problem, and are less able to help you.
> > But when i try to execute it using ./name of compiled file, there is
> > no reponse, the program doesn't run. Can u please guide me as to how solve this
> > problem.
> [snip]

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