some strange instructions appear after optimization

Oscar Fuentes
Thu Mar 13 07:07:00 GMT 2003

"Huimin Cui" <> writes:

> Hi,
>    I have made a cross compiler for mipsel-linux, it runs well
>    except that when I compile some programs with the option -O2 some
>    strange instuctions appear.The following is the detail:
>    If I choose -O1 instead of -O2,it is normal,the format of the lwl instuction are:
> 	lwl	$2,24($2)
> but when I use -O2,the format changed into:
> 	lwl	$2,$LC59+3
> or 
>          lwl      $2,ga_pattern+3($2)
> These formats cann't be recognized by the assembler,
> giving the error message"Error: illegal operands `lwl'"
> Very kind of you to give me some advice,thanks a lot.

By your description, it is either a mistake setting the target CPU or
a gcc bug. As I know nothing about mipsel-linux, the only thing I can
do is to direct you to the gcc bug reporting page:

Please wait a day or two. Maybe some MIPS person can clarify things.


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