Helps Needed

James Yang
Wed Mar 19 16:01:00 GMT 2003


I am using GNU gcc 2.9 on AIX 5.1 and tring to have my C code compiled. The
C source file will be compiled with third party software libraries made with
GNU 2.9 under AIX 5.1.

I first try to link the program with a static libary "libFPLibrary32.a".
Here is the command and options in the script file:
gcc -o test_store test_store.c -I$I_DIR -L$L_DIR -lFPLibrary32 -DPOSIX

I get errors this way which is saying that $L_DIR/libFPLibrary32.a is not a
COFF file.

I then tried to use the dynamic link library with the command and options:
gcc -o test_store test_store.c -I$I_DIR -L$L_DIR -Wl,-brtl

I get errors again saying that not found. However, the
library is under $L_DIR.

Please help. Thanks.

James Yang
NewVision System Corp.
400 Main St.
Stamford, CT 06901

Tel: (203) 323-4623 ext. 16
Fax: (203) 323-4664

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