Solaris DDI/DKI revisited

Frank Middleton
Fri Mar 14 19:20:00 GMT 2003

There are four obvious reasons why this didn't get any replies

1) Sent to the wrong list
2) On review there doesn't seem to be a question
3) There is no known solution
4) The replies were lost

If the reason is 2) then here is a question (observing that there
was no solution posted on sunsolve either):

What to do about the undefined symbol 'memcpy'?

Any insights would be much appreciated.

Frank Middleton wrote:
> Using GCC 3.2.2 with the -m64 option to build a device driver
> results in an undefined symbol 'memcpy' at attach time.
> This is because the Solaris 8 kernel doesn't support memcpy;
> you have to use bcopy instead. However none of the programs
> in the driver use memcpy as far as I can tell, so there must
> be something in a library that's referencing it.
> This question was asked back in May of 2002 (gcc 2.95.2) but
> apparently unresolved. It was also asked on the drivers forum
> at sunsolve. It doesn't seem to be a problem if you use Sun's
> compiler.
> Thanks
> Frank Middleton

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