pthread_mutex_lock call hangs

Ajay Bansal
Thu Mar 6 16:03:00 GMT 2003

Hi All
I am on RH73, gcc 3.2.1
I have a scenario in which, only if the code is in debug mode,
pthread_mutex_lock call hangs. following is the trace given by pstack
0x420292e5: __sigsuspend + 0x21 (bfffd52c, 20, bfffd52c, 404e3ef5,
10000, 10) + 90
0x404d7679: __pthread_wait_for_restart_signal + 0x59 (404e00a0,
402f6b14, 402ee2c4, 404d945e, 18, 40c4ecc4) + 50
0x404d94b9: __pthread_alt_lock + 0x69 (8100108, 0, 402c2234, 404d60be,
0, 4000b022) + 10
0x404d6116: __pthread_mutex_lock + 0x66 (81000f8, 400, 40ac7bac, 400,
403401ea, 4036e170)
What could be the reason. Please note that the code works great if has
been built in the release mode.
Ajay Bansal
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