problems while cross-compiling the glibc

Chen Ken
Thu Mar 6 08:14:00 GMT 2003

Hello, everyone:

I am cross compiling the glibc for arm-linux on my x86 machine.
I used the binutils-2.13.1, gcc-3.2.1, glibc-2.3.1, and I use the
head files from linux-2.4.17. I copied from it the include/asm-arm
to my  ${prefix}/arm-linux/include/asm and the include/linux to
${prefix}/arm-linux/include/linux   directory.
When I compiled the glibc, the machine reported that

../sysdeps/unix/syscall.S: Assembler messages:
../sysdeps/unix/syscall.S:28: Error: cannot represent SWI relocation in this
object file format

I got to know from the internet that somebody had got the same error
in the past. But his reason was that he use the asm-sparc64 as his asm.
When he used the correct asm-arm directory, it was ok. But I do not know
what is the matter with my compiling process. Please give me some advice
if you can.

Chen Ken
Microprocessor Research & Development Center, Peking University
Tel: +86(010)62765828  ext. 872

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