gcc and Windows

Wayne dockeen@mchsi.com
Wed Jun 25 02:18:00 GMT 2003

You can also get a free, nice IDE that runs the MingW hosted version 
of GCC, its called Dev-C++, and the home page is here:


Make sure that you get the full version.  This includes not only the
Integrated Development Environment, but also the GCC compiler with

As a member of the support staff, I strong encourage you to let Dev
install where it wants, which is usually c:\dev-cpp.  The reason I
say this is that a certain fraction of people want to install it in
C:\Program Files....which may not seem unreasonable, but spaces in
paths can give you problems.

I used it on a Win98 system up until a few weeks ago, when my wife
got a new computer, so I got her old one, and my son got my old one.
You can see who is on top of the food chain here...


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