May I install two gcc in my redhat 7.2?

Michael Meissner
Thu Jun 5 17:09:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 08:35:17AM -0600, Jack Hu wrote:
> Dear helper,
> my redhat7.2 has gcc 2.95.3 installed. May I install gcc 3.0.2 without
> getting rid of gcc2.95.3? And how to do it?

I no longer have any redhat 7.2 systems, but I vaguelly recall that Red Hat had
gcc3 packages that would install the compiler as gcc3 instead of 'gcc'.  You
would also have to install any updated C++ libraries.

The simplest approach would be to upgrade to Red Hat 9, which has gcc 3.2.2

An alternative approach is to build the 3.3 compiler yourself, using the:


where <somedir> is some directory on your system, and then use
<somedir>/bin/gcc to build stuff with gcc 3.3 compiler.  If you use C++, you
will have to build any libraries used with the new release and use the
appropriate -L and -I options to use those libraries.

Michael Meissner

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