extremely disappointing bootstrap problems building gcc on linux :(

Dara Hazeghi dhazeghi@yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 18:36:00 GMT 2003

> The glibc_lsb is a leftover from the packages i 
> already had installed. I left it there as I have no 
> idea what it really is and it seems to be numbered 
> differently to the proper glibc rpms.

Probably just something dealing with file layout, and
not related to your problems.

> Aargh... I am now giving up, unless someone else
> has had the same problem and worked out what the 
> solution is.

Just one more suggestion. You mention that you can
build the gcc 3.3 C compiler? If so, try installing
that, and building the rest of gcc 3.3 with it. Also
when you build, make sure you've got a clean directory
you're building in, and that none of your build
directories are in $PATH.

Oh, and one other thing :-) If you don't mind trying
to build again with gcc 2.96, can you do so, and at
the point that it fails, add "-v" to the command line,
so I can see what's being invoked. For some reason, it
seems the wrong cc1 binary is being invoked by your
installed compiler, but it would be good to find out
why. What exactly is your $PATH when you're building.



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