how g++ handle multiple level inline functions with -O3 option

Feng Xian
Thu Jun 26 14:21:00 GMT 2003


I am using extern inline functions with #pragma interface and #pragma
implementation, my inline functions will call other inline function etc.
eventurelly my non-inlined function will call the exteren inline
functions. when I turned on the optimization option -O3 with
-finline-functions(with is not necessary according to info gcc), I
objdump the executable file, only part of inline functions are inlined,
lots of others are left out to be still a function call. even I use
-finline-limit=1000000, now, the compile time tripled but still
generated the similar result (function is not inlined, even the function
itself only a few line of code). 

can anybody explain me this and tell me how to make the inline real work
in gcc? thanks in advance.


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