Backticks (`) in makefile

John Love-Jensen
Mon Jun 23 14:07:00 GMT 2003

Hi Tapu,

>The idea I have is: the standard lib in C++ will have some OS specific
libraries and some will be architecture specific. Is it true?

I believe you are correct.

>How to identify them?

By convention, OS specific headers usually reside in the sys/... location.

Architecture specific accommodations are in the header file as
isolated-embedded #if defined()...#endif blocks, which are usually very
platform-centric code activated by the preprocessor.

>The next in line is, regarding ABIs .. For the compiler we'll have to define
one ABI.. And again for standard lib in C++, we'll again have to define some C++
ABI..At least that's what i understood..

>In which way they differ ?

I don't have an URL that describes the detailed differences between the C
ABI (which is well established), and the C++ ABI (which has evolved from GCC
2.95, RedHat's 2.96, GCC 3.0, GCC 3.1, GCC 3.2 and GCC 3.3).

The C++ ABI is still somewhat of a moving target, in that GCC 3.3 is,
hopefully, quiescent.  However, when/if a C++ ABI cross-vendor standard
becomes available, I suspect that the GCC C++ ABI will change again, to
accommodate the anticipated standard.

The C++ ABI covers things like:  exception handling, name mangling, scoped
enumerations, inner classes/structs, calling convention, RTTI, dynamic
casting, and probably a bazillion details with which I am unaware.

(My hat is off to the unsung heroes who have tackled the C++ ABI.)


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