qinfeng.zhang@philips.com qinfeng.zhang@philips.com
Thu Jun 19 11:34:00 GMT 2003

Thank you!
Now the new problem is:
although the the link is right, and the executable is running right with simulator.
But when using GCC testtools to test with "RUNTESTFLAGS=execute.exp", those files
still failed. I think the problem is the wrong way my using simulator.
In simulator, when program executed right, it return nothing . so wheter just the
exit status is not defined properly.

Regards              /)/)
Qinfeng Zhang

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On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 qinfeng.zhang@philips.com wrote:
> I met some problem when using gcc-testsuite for a cross compiler.
> I have succeeded in porting gcc for a DSP processor, which has its
> simulator running under Linux in i386. Now I want to use GCC test-
> suite. But when running testsuite with flags:
>       RUNTESTFLAGS="execute.exp"

For cross-compiler-testing, you need to add a "board description
file" to dejagnu/baseboards that describe what libraries to link
with and how to run the simulator.  See the existing files with
"sim" in their names and the simtest-howto.html page for the
right way to specify it in your RUNTESTFLAGS setting.

> All test-cased are failed in compilation testing.

When linking the program, I presume?

> However the cross
> compiler has passed the compiling test

What do you mean by passing?  Oh, you mean no errors in
gcc.c-torture/compile/compile.exp?  That's because those tests
only *compile*, they don't *link*.

brgds, H-P

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