cerr not defined

Oscar Fuentes ofv@wanadoo.es
Tue Jan 21 00:56:00 GMT 2003

shane@shaneroberts.com writes:


> It would appear that there was an error in the Stroustrup book
> where "std::" was left off "cerr" so that it should have been:
> std::cerr << P << ' ' << P2 << '\n';

If you browse the book, you will see that std:: is omitted everywhere
on the source listings. If it appears somewhere, it's a typo. The
author explains somewhere that this is done on the sake of clarity. He
also says, IIRC, that the reader shall assume that every program has a
"using namespace std;" on top of it.
> for emitting the error message.
> This would have placed cerr in the std namespace which is 
> where<fstream> places it as opposed to <fstream.h>.
> Since I am new to g++ and C++ can anyone clue me into when
> C++ standards changed, and g++ header files were 
> relocated/changed?

So far there is only one C++ standard, dated 1998. The 'std::' thing
is there.

> I just need to get my bearings so I know how to distinquish between
> "old" and "new".



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