Cant install GCC 2.95.2 on Red hat 8.0

Zubair Adamjee
Sun Jan 26 03:14:00 GMT 2003

I posted yesterday that I am having trouble installing
gcc2.95.2 and I had Red hat 8.0 which came with gcc
3.2 and I cant install gcc 2.95.2 and also I got some
errors when I typed make bootstrap can any one tell me
exactly what to do please.
This is what happenes when I did make bootstrap and
make install and then after that I trid compiling a
 g++ -ansi -Walls append.cpp
In file included from
                 from append.cpp:4:
In method `struct streampos streambuf::pubseekoff(long
long int, ios::seek_dir, int = 3)':
conversion from `__off64_t' to non-scalar type
`streampos' requested
In method `struct streampos
streambuf::pubseekpos(_G_fpos64_t, int =
`struct streampos' used where a `long long int' was
append.cpp: In function `int main()':
append.cpp:36: `struct streampos' used where a `int'
was expected

Thanks a lot,

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