variable-expression FORMAT specifier at ^ -- unsupported

Toon Moene
Wed Jan 1 17:47:00 GMT 2003

Sparks, Jamie wrote:

>   I'm looking for a switch that will allow me to use my fortran code
>   unaltered.  It doesn't look as if g77 supports runtime formatting...
>   Is there a switch that can turn this on?  I've been over the docs and
>   didn't find anything...The compiler seems to be saying 'nope'.
>   thanks,
>   Jamie
>   100  format(a<ihdrwid>,<ntoread>i<ifwid>);
>               ^
>   Variable-expression FORMAT specifier at (^) -- unsupported

This is an extension thought up by Digital Equipment Corporation when 
they still were a major force in Fortran deployment and development 
(i.e. 2 decades back).

It's very hard to support in a general sense - there's a nice discussion 
going on on comp.lang.fortran on exactly *how hard* it is, including the 
people who originally thought this up.

I'm sorry, g77 will never support this (and g95 most probably won't, 

I'm sorry.

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