compilation and unit nos. in g77

Toon Moene
Sun Dec 21 12:40:00 GMT 2003

jayant ogale wrote:

>>I have some programs written in Professional Fortran
>>[Dos Based], in Borland compiler.
>>I want to convert them for G77 [Linux based]
>>compiler. Please let me know the following things.
>>1] what are the default unit numbers for 'Console'
>>and 'Printer' in G77? if there are non then give me
> the syntex to refer to the console and printer in read
> / write statements.

There are no standard ways to address 'Printer' from Fortran (or g77).

Use READ(*, ...) to read from the console and WRITE(*, ...) to write
to it. There probably is some DOS command to have the output to the
console go to the printer.

>>2] I know only one line compilation and linking
>>command as $ g77 filename.for which creates
>>executable file as a.out. But I would like to know
>>the detailed compilation and linking commands with
>>all possible switches. [I could not find them in man
>>or info pages.].

You can read the online manual here:

Hope this helps,

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