Solaris and std::wstring - Help!

Eljay Love-Jensen
Wed Dec 3 13:53:00 GMT 2003

Hi Kyrre,

Solaris does not support C99 wide string manipulation.

Building GCC itself detects that lack of support, and disables wide string support.

Note:  Solaris does support C++98 wide string manipulation, but the GCC test looks for C99 compliance, which has a few additional functions.

The problem is in detection for (and the missing of) vfwscanf, vswscanf, vwscanf, wcstof and (perhaps) iswblank.


Assuming that this hasn't been fixed in the GCC head, I believe you need to doctor up the acinclude.m4 file and rebuild GCC to get C++ std::wstring support in GCC on Solaris.


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