X86 Assembly Short Jump

Kris Lyon goa@rogers.com
Tue Dec 30 13:56:00 GMT 2003

I double checked the Intel documentation
(http://www.intel.com/design/pentiumiii/manuals/), and as far as I can
tell JMP is the only non-conditional jump instruction of this type.
Thanks for the suggestion though.  I just wanted to know if there was
something horribly obvious that I was doing wrong.  If anyone has
anymore suggestions... they'd be appreciated.


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It seems that you should use another jump instruction.

I have the impression that there are several typy jump instructions in
x86 assembly.

For JMP, the destination address is a relative address. There should be
another jump

instruction, which has a absolute address as destination.

Anyway, I am not sure. You can refer the Intel doc.

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I've having a problem using gcc's inline assembly on a Pentium 3 running
redhat linux:

I'm working inside a __asm__("."); block and I'd like to execute a short
(near relative) jump instruction.  It doesn't seem to work.  Instead, I
get a near jump to an absolute position, so I figure that I'm doing
something wrong.  If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it..

When the instruction is executed, eip is set to 0x02, instead of being
set to eip+2.  I looked at the disassembly in gdb and the op-code I
should be getting according to the Intel IA32 Instruction Set Reference
is "EB" but instead I'm instead getting "E9".

Again, any help would be appreciated.  Perhaps there's a better way to
jump to a relative position within an assembly block.


             JMP 0x02          # Should add 0x02 to eip, but instead, it
eip to 0x02.

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