LDFLAGS -static

Mansour Al-Aqeel mansour77@ownmail.net
Sun Dec 28 14:05:00 GMT 2003

Hi every body:
I'm having a problem configuring a program for a static compilation.
I'm using the command

LDFLAGS="--static -I/usr/lib" CC="diet gcc -nostdinc" ./configure \
--prefix=~/result --disable-shared --enable-all-static --disable-nls

how ever i keet on getting an error complainig about the need for
the library is there. I installed it from rpm packages with it's devel

I've tried adding CPPFLAGS="-L/usr/include"

I've tried searching the archieve before asking.
any advice about how to solve this, or a place where I can get more about
this situation ??
but no luck. I'm using redhat 7.3
By the way, I'm not an expert in compiling and linking .
Thanx alot. 
  Mansour Al-Aqeel

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