Helge Bahmann
Thu Dec 4 17:23:00 GMT 2003

Hello list,

Question about an optimization feature: I have a program that is full of
conditional variable assignments like

  if (swapped) x->a=bswap_32(a); else x->a=a;
  if (swapped) x->b=bswap_32(b); else x->b=b;
  if (swapped) x->c=bswap_32(c); else x->c=c;

(after inlining functions); I wonder if there is a way for the compiler to
make the obvious transformation into

  if (swapped) {
  } else {

which is way more efficient; I tried various gcc versions (2.95, 3.2 and
3.3), even Intel icc, and neither compiler appears to be capable of doing
that (btw icc is _really_ stupid when it comes to byte-swapping)

Am I stuck with rewriting the code or is there hope that this can be
optimized by the compiler?

Best regards
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