Executing problem

Aaron Schawalder mygcc@gmx.ch
Sat Sep 28 10:29:00 GMT 2002

I have the following problem:

I successfully configured, bootstraped and installed gcc-3.2 on my
i686-debian/GNU-Linux-system (woody).
Too I then compiled a simple c++-source successfully with g++.

But .. I can not execute the program. The following error message

      .. cannot open libstc++.so.5 .. no such file or directory

But the libstc++.so.5-file resides in /usr/local/lib and is a symbolic
link to libstc++.so.5.0.0 that also resides in /usr/local/lib.
I have changed the rights with chmod so that can not be the problem.

What to do in this situation? Is it a bug?

Thanks for answering!!
A.Schawalder, MD

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