crtbegin.o oddities on redhat 7.2/7.3 with gcc 3.2

Marty Leisner
Thu Sep 12 19:38:00 GMT 2002

I built gcc 3.2 for redhat 7.2 and 7.3 -- they run fine on 
each platform.

(this seems to be true with all 3.x gcc's -- but I'm not looking to find out).

I have binary portability (compiling random programs) from 7.2 to 7.3.
But when I try to run 7.3  compiled binaries on 7.2 I get:
./bash: /lib/i686/ version `GCC_3.0' not found (required by ./bash)

This happens with the program
main() {}

(far from bash)

What I did to get it to work is I used crtbegin.o from gcc 2.96 on 
7.3 (I hacked up the specs file) -- so I'm doing everything normal with
gcc 3.2 except swapping in another crtbegin.o
But it seems crtbegin.o is the same on 7.2 and 7.3...

I haven't studied what is going on -- had this difficulty for a few weeks --
this solution SEEMS to work (any body want to propose something BETTER?)

Marty Leisner

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