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Wed Sep 4 11:02:00 GMT 2002


My name is kamal and right now we are facing problems in building 
cross-compiler for our sun-3/80.  Actually we have very old sun server named 
as sun-3/80.And on this m/c we have to run some c++ programs. But 
unfortunately we don't have compiler for c++ on this m/c.  So now we are 
trying to make cross-compiler for sun-3/80.  We are trying to make 
cross-compiler from linux ( i.e gcc 3.2 ) to sun-3/80.  In the configure 
command we are using the following options and targer m/c. Then it create a 
Makefile and when we are doing make on this file. At last it gives us 
errors. Below is the configure command, please suggest some thing to build 
cross-compiler for our old sun-3/80 server. We want to compile all our code 
with this cross-compiler so that we can port our executable to sun-3/80.  
Here is the command:

/gcc/gcc-3.2/configure --prefix=/cross-build -program-prefix=m68 
--program-suffix=-3.2 --target=m68k-sun --disable-shared --enable-threads 
--enable-languages="c,c++" --with-headers=/cross-build/target/sys-include 
--with-libs=/cross-build/target/lib --with-newlib

This command create Makefile, and after running makefile with command make 
it gives error.

Please suggest something regarding this build as we are in urgency of this 

Thanking you in anticipation

kamal punn


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