pragma in 3.2.x

Scott A. Smith
Tue Oct 22 06:55:00 GMT 2002

> You must have a corresponding #pragma instruction in you source file as
> well...
> Add the following line before your #include in
> #pragma implementation "PSet.h"
> That should fix your problem.

Thanks for the response, this has no effect of the link failure. In fact, in
my project all .cc files have #pragma implementation in them (although I did
not know one should include the interface
file name on that line?) Anyone else with an idea? Perhaps there is some
special ordering of where the pragma statements need to be? I have read in
the GCC manual that use of pragmas is discouraged, but then later it
disucusses #pragma interface and #pragma implementation as if one should use
them and that they have direct consequences on the way templated objects are
instantiated. I don't know how this could have any effect on the simple code
I presented earlier but I guess it does?


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