Giant executables.. what am I doing wrong?

Claudio Bley
Tue Oct 15 04:15:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Dondley <> writes:

    >> with the --static option, then strip it with "--strip-all" I
    >> get a program worth 332 kB(!).

    Steve> This confuses me as well.  I can't find any documentation
    Steve> about the --strip-all option in the GCC manual.  (Maybe
    Steve> because I'm new to Linux/gcc?  I did 'info gcc' and then
    Steve> did a search for '--strip' and 'strip' but could not find
    Steve> any reference to this option.)  I also did a google search
    Steve> but that turned up nothing.  How/where can I find out what
    Steve> this does?

strip is a program provided by binutils. 'man 1 strip':


   strip - Discard symbols from object files.

       strip [-F bfdname |--target=bfdname ]
             [-I bfdname |--input-target=bfdname ]
             [-O bfdname |--output-target=bfdname ]
             [-s|--strip-all] {...} objfile...

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