Claudio Bley
Mon Oct 14 04:06:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Josef" ==   <> writes:

    Josef> Declaring char a[15000000] gives me segmentation fault with
    Josef> g++ (on RedHat 7.1). Any suggestions?

Well, the default compiler on RH 7.1 is gcc 2.96 which is just an old
development snapshot, was never intended to be released, is probably a
"bit" buggy at best and most importantly not supported in any way from
the GCC folks.

I hear, RH 8.0 is avialable and maybe it's a good time to upgrade your
distribution and compiler NOW.

Btw, the following works for me using GCC 3.2:

char a[15000000];

int main ()
  a[1] = 'a';
  a[2] = 'b';

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