help building gcc 3.2

Rupert Wood
Wed Oct 9 10:08:00 GMT 2002

Ralph Blach wrote:

> I understand that these files are needed to link with, but thats for
> ld, not GCC the compiller.

OK, but the gcc binary is really just the compiler driver. It wraps
invocation of the proper backend compilers (cc1, cc1plus, f771, etc.
depending on language), the assember *and* the linker. (And, where
required, the collect2 pass.) When you're devloping with gcc - or any
other unix compiler I've seen - you almost never run ld yourself.

> The compiler really should not have to understand crti.o or any
> libraries to compile an source into an object.

No, it doesn't. And what did get successfully built in your build tree
should do just that.


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