G77 Installation

Jakob Bucher jbbob@t-online.de
Tue Oct 29 00:02:00 GMT 2002

Dear GNU-Experts,

I work with LINUX 8.0, including gcc (, which unfortunately does not include a FORTRAN compiler. Therefore I loaded and g77 (2.95.3-219.i386.rpm) and installed it using "rpm". Both gcc and g77 are in the directory /usr/bin/, however, the interaction seems not to work properly.

Trying to compile a fortran source code (extension ".f") there is no reaction except the message on "g77 -h": /usr/lib/crt1.o:`In function `_start` (.text+0x18): undefined reference to ´main`.

Your advice how to make the compiler work and a recommendation of standard options with correct order (if significant) would be highly appreciated.

Best regards

	J. Bucher 

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