Announces New Rink/Arena Design & Product Web Site

Mon Oct 14 16:00:00 GMT 2002

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If you are building a new ice or inline rink project, or will somehow be
involved with the design or operation of such a 
facility, you should visit the following web site which has just been

The World Leader In Ice /Inline Rink design, manufacture, installation &

If your are an ARCHITECT or ENGINEER, endless rink design information is
available from BRS. BRS is also seeking 
architects and engineers to network with all over the world to help with
its thousands of customer leads who want to build 
a rink and requested your type of services. BRS offers training and design
tools to associate professionals.

who wants to become 
involved with new rink installations, BRS can assist you with design
information and leads of customers who want, need, 
and have requested your services.

If you are an ARENA OPERATOR, endless products and special pricing is
available from BRS. 

TurboChiller - High Performance Refrigeration Systems
Porta-Pipe - Portable rink piping systems
Professional Dasher Board Systems 
Permanent Multi-Purpose Concrete Floors
BatterBoard Outdoor Fiberglass Dasherboards
Countless Accessory Items

BRS web site now offered in Spanish. Other languages offered shortly.

BRS web site has an rink accessory ONLINE SHOPPING CART system for ice
rink accessories and a live chat window 
where both product and technical design questions can be answered - Live !

Watch for future technical advisories, specials, and industry news
information, newly discovered arena web sites and like 
articles provided by Arena-Watch. 

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in the subject line.

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