casting to a variable argument function pointer

Nicholas Hildenbrandt
Mon Oct 7 14:23:00 GMT 2002

I am trying to declare a pointer to a variable argument function pointer and
cast to it, but gcc fails with he error:
	ISO C requires a named argument before '...'

It compiles fine on suns cc compiler, but I need it to compile on Linux and
thus need gcc to work. I don't care if my code is ISO compliant I just need
it to compile.  is there some really easy fix to make is ISO compliant or a
compiler switch for gcc so it won't complain.  Hell I don't care if gcc
gives a warning as long as it compiles.

If I have a variable declared as:
	signed char *a (...);
and then an statement like:
	a = (signed char * (...))(strVariable);

Nick Hildenbrandt

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