Can't Compile C++ Source File

Moshe Libenson
Sun May 26 15:48:00 GMT 2002

Add link to libstdc++ like this: -lstdc++ to the g++ command.
Moshe Libenson.

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Subject: Can't Compile C++ Source File

   I'm using gcc install on a network Unix server and I believe the
is 3.0.2 (from the man page). It seems to work fine until I try to use
keywords. When I compile files with C++ keywords I get a compile error
looks like {some random output file}(.eh_frame+0x12): undefined
reference to
   The only reference I could find for this error was with Java but I
the fix anyway which was to add '#pragma GCC java_execeptions' but that
change the error to 'gcj' instead of 'gxx'.

   Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

Dav Banks

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