Win 98 Compiler OK

Keen Wayne A Contr AFRL/MNGG
Fri May 24 09:02:00 GMT 2002

OK, here are some observations: (no good order)

(1) Unless you know something that make you want to use the 3 series
compiler, I would
stay with the native one that you install (or more properly stated, can
install) with Cygwin.
2.95.3 is a very good, very well wrung out compiler.  Many people who have
3.0x and
3.1 (by the way, 3.1 is newer than 3.04) still tell me they rely on 2.95.3
for their production

(2) Now Cygwin is far more than just gcc.  It is a Unix emulator.  I use it
every day
because it lets me do some things in the PC/Win world that are the same as
what I
do in the SGI world.  It seems then that if all you are after is gcc, there
might be better
ways than Cygwin.

(3) You can use Cygwin's base gcc to bootstrap newer versions of gcc, you
don't need
to change compilers for that.  The directions I gave you were assuming that
you were
using the Cygwin version.  They have worked on 98, NT, 2000 and Xp.

(4) Now, it could be that your compile failures are related to having the
right things in
your path for the linker.  In a related but different topic, when I build
the newer versions
of gcc, I build them alongside my base gcc.  This is not essential, but I
like it because
it keeps things separate and make staying with the baseline easy for most
work.  Now,
if I want to use the new version of, say g++, my compile line may look
something like

/mygcc/bin/g++ hello hello.cpp -L/mygcc/lib

for example.  Depending on where the mingw compiler build put things, you
may have
to do some path voodoo.  Note, you don't have to do that with the gcc that
comes with.

(5) One other thing you might ponder is that there is a tool out there, Dev
C++, that
is a C++ IDE with the Mingw/gcc C++ stuff built in.  I have not used it
beyond very
simple playing, but it minimizes the Unix involvement.  I believe it also
uses the
2.95.3 vintage compiler.

(6) Cygwin in a more DOS'y way....thats not a good way to say it, is DJGPP.
(My rotten way of drawing an analgy to Cygwin there is going to probably get
me shot by a DJGPP person, one of them sent me a nastygram the other
day for even mentioning Cygwin the other day, telling me basically I was
too stupid to know the difference between and Windows app and a DOS
app).  It is a pretty good little environment, with a GUI or two for gcc
It has binaries up through gcc-3.1. 

Wayne Keen

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