g77. Unformatted READ

Toon Moene toon@moene.indiv.nluug.nl
Tue May 21 15:37:00 GMT 2002

Chuck Lawson wrote:

> I am maintaining a suite of Fortran engeneering analysis codes, some of
> which date back to about 1970.  My problem is with a program that has a
> main program and about 12 subroutines.  This program compiles and links
> and executes ok using g77 under Cygwin, which in turn is under MS Win
> XP, but it fails on an unformatted READ when compiled and linked and
> executed using g77 under Redhat Linux 7.2.  This is all on the same
> Polywell PC, which has Win XP and Redhat Linux dual booted. The error
> message says unformatted io not allowed.  I have tried many
> rearrangements of the code, with and without an OPEN statement, but
> nothing works under Linux short of reducing the code to just the READ
> statement -- then it works.
> Note that the error msg does not say something like unexpected end of
> file, or file not found, which would lead me to the source of the error.
>  What conditions can cause the message: "unformatted io not allowed" ?

Hmmm, this sounds like a question you've asked earlier - I sent a reply
on the 6th of April which you didn't react to, so I assumed the issue

"unformatted io not allowed" is - as far as I know - the error if you
try to perform unformatted I/O on a unit that's explicitly (i.e. via an
OPEN statement) or implicitly opened for formatted I/O (i.e. because the
first I/O statement involving the unit is a formatted READ or WRITE).

Hope this helps,

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