problems with libstdc++-v3

Paolo Carlini
Tue May 21 09:52:00 GMT 2002

> After installing gcc version 3.1 I have a little problem with the 
> standard c++ libraries. After a relitivly conventional install on an 
> i686 running red hat linux 7.2, c++ programs using the standard headers 
> will not compile. It seems that in g++-v3/bits/basic_file.h there is no 
> definition of__c_file_type. This is causing an error on line 52 of 
> g++-v3/bits/basic_file.h when __basic_file_base tries to inherit from 
> it.


this a know issue, which happens when you install to a target directory
containing a previous version of gcc. Please clean it before make install and
everything will be ok.

Ciao, Paolo.

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