Unsuccessful build of 3.1 on AIX 5.1

Walter Landry wlandry@ucsd.edu
Mon May 20 14:44:00 GMT 2002

David Edelsohn <dje@watson.ibm.com> wrote:
> >>>>> Walter Landry writes:
> Walter> The mpcc script adds -binitfini:poe_remote_main to the arguments for the C
> Walter> compiler, which sounds a lot like what the special crt0.o is supposed
> Walter> to do.  Certainly, the programs run fine without this special crt0.o.
> 	If your version of POE no longer needs crt0.o, you should be able
> to edit the "specs" file on your GCC installation so that it adds
> -binitfini:poe_remote_main to the link line and uses the normal system
> crt0.o.  Supporting two different versions of POE in GCC will be
> difficult.

Aha!  That is exactly what I needed to do.  I made a specs file with

  -bpT:0x10000000 -bpD:0x20000000 %{!r:-btextro} -bnodelcsect   %{static:-bnso %(link_syscalls) } %{shared:-bM:SRE %{!e:-bnoentry}}   %{!maix64:%{!shared:%{g*: %(link_libg) }}} %{maix64:-b64} %{mpe:-binitfini:poe_remote_main}

  %{!shared:   %{mpe:%{pg:/usr/lib/gcrt0.o}         %{!pg:%{p:/usr/lib/mcrt0.o}               %{!p:/usr/lib/crt0.o}}}   %{!mpe:     %{maix64:%{pg:gcrt0_64%O%s}%{!pg:%{p:mcrt0_64%O%s}%{!p:crt0_64%O%s}}}     %{!maix64:       %{pthread:%{pg:gcrt0_r%O%s}%{!pg:%{p:mcrt0_r%O%s}%{!p:crt0_r%O%s}}}       %{!pthread:%{pg:gcrt0%O%s}%{!pg:%{p:mcrt0%O%s}%{!p:crt0%O%s}}}}}}

Now I can compile and link with -mpe and everything works fine.
Thanks a lot!

Walter Landry

p.s. Fortran actually seems to work fine.  It is just that libf2c
isn't installed.

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