Help! Attempting to install gcc 3.0.4

David Edelsohn
Mon May 6 10:48:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> Darin DeCounter writes:

Darin> I found the binaries at
Darin> When I downloaded, uncompressed, and wasn't .rte or .bin.
Darin> It looked just like the original tar file (just files within usr/local
Darin> path...with no 'configure' file in the top-directory).  Am I doing
Darin> something wrong?  Thanks.

	Those are pre-built binaries (and libraries) packaged in a tar
file.  There is no "configure" file because one simply untars the file
directly into the filesystem.  It is not a source distribution, it is a
pre-built binary distribution for AIX.  One configures and builds GCC from
a source ditsribution, not from a binary distribution.

	I do not understand what you are expecting and what is confusing
you.  Maybe someone else on the gcc-help mailinglist can explain it better.


	P.S. Bull does not appear to have a version of GCC 3.0.4

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