Difference between sparcv9 and sparc64?

Kenneth Lareau elessar@numenor.org
Fri May 31 16:50:00 GMT 2002

Some searching through the various gcc mailing list archives hasn't brought up
an answer for this question: what exactly are the differences between the con-
figurations sparcv9-*-* and sparc64-*-* (particularly for sun-solaris2.[78]),
if there are any at all?  The documentation doesn't seem to describe the dif-
ferences, and I'm curious.

On a side note, is there an advantage to using a sparcv9/sparc64 build over
the standard sparc-*-* build?  I know that the former produces 64-bit binaries
while the latter produces 32-bit ones (with each being able to generate the
other via the -m32/-m64 switches), but is there an advantage of one over the
other, or is it just a personal preference?

Kenneth Lareau

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