Optimization speed

Dave Williss dwilliss@microimages.com
Fri May 31 09:17:00 GMT 2002

Do the default -O optimizations in gcc 3.0.4 take a lot longer than in

Are there some time-consuming ones that can be disabled individually?

After upgrading compilers, it now takes over 24 hours to compile our main
code base (949 source modules totaling about 35Meg of object code).
The system is an aging SGI Indigo with a 150MHz R4400 running irix-6.5.
I know it's old, but it compiled in about half the time before.

I checked, and I'm not IO bound or suffering from a lot of page swapping.
I thought we might need more RAM (have 128Meg), but while compiling,
the system has about 50Meg of free RAM and all but about 10Meg of
the swap space is free.

 -- Dave Williss
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