Linux Kernel 2.4.16 (x86) with GCC 3.1 causes kernel panic

Malte Gell
Fri May 24 17:45:00 GMT 2002


has someone successfully built Linux Kernel 2.4.16 (i386) with GCC 3.1 ?

It doesn't work for me, short after booting I get a kernel panic, I _guess_ 
it might have to do with the Promise 20268 driver, I use a ATA drive on a 
Promise UMDA 100 controller.

The kernel panics right before harddrive detection, but it happens so fast, 
so it's just a guess that it has to do with the Promise driver.

GCC 3.1
binutils 20020423
-march=athlon was used 
AMD Duron (with old Spitfire core, which basically is an Athlon with just 64k 
L2 so -march=athlon should work fine, but -march=i686 also causes the panic 
with GCC 3.1)

GCC 3.1 was installed correctly, I have tested some smaller apps like GnuPG 
1.0.7 without any problems.

By the way, the Kernel 2.4.16 itself and the modules were compiled without 
any problems by GCC 3.1 it's just the kernel panic that appears reproducable 
every time.
Built with GCC 2.95.3 everything is fine.

Are newer Kernels more recommended for use with GCC 3.1 than 2.4.16 ? 


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