undefined reference to virtual table

Nathan Taylor Nathan.Taylor@DilithiumNetworks.com
Tue May 14 18:53:00 GMT 2002


I am attempting to port a C++ application from Windows to Linux. I am able to 
compile it but when I attempt to link it I get hundreds of error messages 
that say:

	"Undefined reference to CLASSNAME virtual table"

Where classname is the name of the classes in my program. I have browsed 
aroung on the web and found a reference to a problem that sounds like this in 
the FAQ's at http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/FAQ.html#s-2.21. 

It mentions that there is a known issue when using libg++ 2.7.2 (the version 
that I am using) with the GNU C libraries due to vtable thunks however it 
fails to mention a fix.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?.

I am using Redhat 7.1 (gcc-2.96). I have also replecated this problem on 
Redhat 6.2 and Redhat 7.3.



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