GCC for Windows-98 DOS, Cross-compiling for StrongARM target

Steve Pye steve.pye@murandi.com
Thu May 9 07:09:00 GMT 2002


I'm not sure if this is part of your FAQ - in my find it's much simpler than the 
issues which are addressed in the FAQ that I found.

I would like a Windows 98 binary for GCC that will cross-compile for a StrongARM

I have downloaded the gcc source, v3.0.4, spent forever finding a binary for GNU
make (at delorie.com), I have djgpp, but even with all that, I can't seem to be able
to build GCC for DOS under Windows 98.  The configure instructions in the 
install directory refer to a 'configure' utility which appears to be a UNIX shell 
script - which I don't think work with DOS.  I then found 'cygwin', and installed
it, but the configure shell script causes a Page Fault Exception.

I think there are probably many, many people out there who would like to use
the GNU C Cross-compiler in a DOS environment, but don't want to have to
download the source, then try and configure and compile the compiler.  Does a 
binary download of GCC exist anywhere?, i.e. a simple gccxxx.zip file that contains
the appropriate compiler/linker/etc. executables, and .h files?  If yes, can you
please point me there, and if no, it might be a useful thing to have.

Thanks very much in advance.

Steve Pye.

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