memory usage of code compiled with gcc 3.2

hektor monteiro x285
Mon Dec 30 07:24:00 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,

I think I found a solution for the problem. Somewhere on the web I found 
that if you compile the code with the flag ¨-static¨ it works, and it 
did (apparently!).


LLeweLLyn Reese wrote:

>hektor monteiro x285 <> writes:
>>Hi everyone! I am working with an astrophysical code that uses a lot
>>of memory (RAM). Basically because of a 3D matrix that I have to
>>define. I was working with 1G  of RAM before and could run the code
>>with a cube of 70^3 cells. Recently I bought a new super machine with
>>4g of RAM and I am using the gcc 3.2 compiler on linux redhat 7.3. But
>>I am not able to run more than 70^3 cells on this. Can anyone give me
>>some clue?? I would think I should be able to do better no? Is this a
>>linux kernel limitation or gcc or something else??
>by default, linux kernels are built to address a max of 2G. If you
>    rebuild your kernel, you can change this options to allow 4G or
>    70T (virtual, not physical). I think this still leaves individual
>    processes limited to 2G, but at least other programs running at
>    the same time will not be biting into that.

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