Cross-Compiling Help

Andrea 'fwyzard' Bocci
Thu Dec 19 14:10:00 GMT 2002

The problem, then, is not in GCC itself, but in the binutils.
I'm terribly ignorant on this issue  - the only suggestion I can come out 
with is to ask for help and cleverer suggestions on the binutils mailing 
list :-)

At 12.08 19/12/2002 -0600, Kerr Shannon-SKERR1 wrote:
>Well, I was able to extract the .text section thanks to the suggestion from
>Ruppert (thanks).  The comparison wasn't pretty.  Actually, I am trying just
>a simple "hello_world" type program and the diff of the objdump didn't look
>good at all.  Ruppert, can you or anyone else tell me how to get the map
>file using gcc?  I'm not familiar with the GCC toolset and I would like to
>see the difference between the map files for the two objects.
>Also, we compared the assembly code generated by gcc (gcc -S) and the code
>generated by the cross-compiler gcc and the native gcc were identical!  We
>then executed gcc -c for each and compared the unlinked binaries (assembled
>code) and the two binaries were again an exact match.  But when we go to
>link the objects (gcc -o foo.o foo.c), that's when everything changes.
>The stripped binaries match in size, but using cmp to compare the two, they
>do not match.  I compared the objdumps and they do match up to a point and
>then the rest of the file does not match (only about 1/10th match and then
>the assembly instructions are very different after that).
>I really appreciate everyone's help in this.
>Mr. Shannon Kerr

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