could I use c replace perl in cgi programing(webprogramming?)

Eljay Love-Jensen
Fri Dec 13 06:21:00 GMT 2002

Hi Eric,

Your question is off-topic for this mailing list, but I'll give you a quick 

Yes, you can use C (or C++) to replace Perl in CGI programming.

Whether it is appropriate or not depends on the problem to be solved.  Perl 
is a very powerful, very efficient scripting language.  It is well suited 
to programmatically create HTML

Perl programmers can create "write only code" that is hard to maintain.  Or 
with a little tender loving care, Perl scripts can be very large, and at 
the same time very maintainable.

Perl 6 will even give better facilities to creating large, maintainable 
Perl scripts, and enhance the object oriented capabilities for developers.


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