requesting help for g++/gcc v3.2 on redhat Linux8.0.

John Love-Jensen
Tue Dec 10 05:13:00 GMT 2002

Hi Ramu,

>#1 requesting help for g++/gcc v3.2 on redhat Linux8.0(intel).

A vector<a*>::iterator is not compatible with a vector<b*>::iterator.  There
are no casts to convert these UDTs from one to the other.

It fails the same way that this fails:
void foo(auto_ptr<a> value);
int main() {
  auto_ptr<b> ptr(new b);

What should be done in my example is:
int main() {
  auto_ptr<a> ptr(new b);

What you need in your example is:
int main() {
  vector<a*> v; // Really contains b* pointers (?).
  vector<a*>::iterator listiterator;
  listiterator = v.begin();
  a* aptr = *listiterator;
  b& bobj = dynamic_cast<b&>(*a);

>#2 Also, what is the option on gcc for: "Turns on newly supported ANSI C++
Standard features like namespace std and the new C++ Standard Library"?

They are on by default with GCC 3.2.


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