binary of gcc for Linux

Andrea 'fwyzard' Bocci
Sun Dec 8 12:04:00 GMT 2002

At 12.47 08/12/2002 -0500, Lubos Bosak wrote:
>I have Linux RedHat 7.3 and need gcc, but need to get the binaries (of at
>least C compiler) first. However, on the
>, none of those listed state
>explicitly that they are for Linux. My best shot didn't work.
>Could you please help me with which binary to get, or where I can get the
>one that I need. I've already spent couple of hours searching the net, but
>among those that I found, none were the right ones. I probably don't know
>where to look at...anyway, thanks for your help.
>Lubos Bosak

Well, usually RedHat comes with gcc binaries as well.
If don't have the CD anymore, have a look at <> and its 
RedHat released only gcc 2.96 for the 7.x releases, but you can grab just 
the C compiler and then use that to build your own gcc 3.2.1 from sources.


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