Installing 2.95.4 over 3.2

Andreas Bauer
Thu Dec 5 23:32:00 GMT 2002

>   I am running gcc version 3.2 over redhat linux 8.0.
> I want the support of gcc ver 2.95.4. Can I install
> two gccs in parallel without affecting one another.
> Some of the programs need gcc 3.2 and very few of them
> need 2.95.4. Can I do this without any malfunctioning
> of all the programs.

Yes, but you do not install 'over' something, rather than having two
different compilers sitting quietly 'next to each other'.  However, in
case of C++ programs, the binaries produced by one of the compilers will
not like those produced by the other.  If you keep this in mind, you
should not run into any obstacles...


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